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Architectural visualization is an effective and efficient way to demonstrate an exterior of an architectural object or a real estate interior and their technological and architectural concept advantages.

The web-blog acquaints you with news from the daily life of our studio and our 3D project creations.  

3D animation — the future is nearby

Our studio offers you creation of 3D animation videos for presentations of buildings, cottage settlements, residential, trade and office compounds, industrial facilities and technological processes. We expand boundaries of a creative approach and show your objects in a live atmosphere, filled with dynamic action.

We presume everybody saw at least once a movie in a stereo format. It was impressive, was not it? Yes, indeed! For your projects we can create similar 3D stereo presentations. Such approach and usage of the state-of-art technologies will undoubtedly impress investors!

Advantages of 3D graphics visualization

3D visualization is more informative in comparison with other options of data submission. 3D visualization is always innovative and accepts more options for its display, for example, this can be either a 3D TV set, a Flash-presentation, printed material or other effective information methods of presentation of your product to your customer. The importance of 3D visualization in advertising has been proved thanks to business projects of the companies,  successfully developing on the Russian and international markets.

  • Interactive presentation "Unreal Flat"

    02 july  2015

    Interactive presentation project of a living apartment.

  • Interactive presentation of Chevrolet Camaro

    24 november  2012

    We continue showing you new opportunities of interactive presentation. In the post connected with the  presentation of iPhone 5 was already mentioned that the new engine optimize the work of the program. This fact allows us to use a high-poly models, that has a great influence on the appearance and quality of displayed products.

  • Interactive presentation of iPhone 5

    23 november  2012

    We offer you our new solution for interactive presentations. Now the product, you present, can be more bright, more informative and, most importantly, have a improved quality, because of better performance. Flash technology is giving way to a new technological solution that works more flexible with the presentation of model, that allows you to show not only the object, but also fill it with information and content.

  • Interactive presentation "Talnah"

    05 november  2012

    Project "Talnah" is an interactive presentation of the vessel "Norilsky Nickel". This is the first project of our studio, created for iPad New, and it has a number of interesting features.

  • "Nina Russkih" - Site

    22 august  2012

    Simple and elegant portfolio site, made by our studio in Flash technology for artist Nina Russian, reflects the creative spirit and stylistic direction of our client.


  • Lugovoe site

    13 july  2012

    Another site was created by our studio for a cottage settlement "Lugovoe". We made to the maximum - from three-dimensional images of the village to the structure and design of the site.

    Site is already running - comfortable, easy, fast.



  • Interactive master plan for the "Lugovoe" site

    12 july  2012

    The separate development in the construction of the site "Lugovoe"  became master plan.
    Implemented in Flash - easy to use, comprehensive and still looks nice.


  • "Svoya Zemlya Plus" - Site

    11 july  2012

    A new website, developed by our studio, was launched.
    Foundation design was provided by the customer, implementation is ours.



  • Schneider Electric

    20 june  2011

    Presentation of equipment of "Schneider Electric"  for the 20th international exhibition "Electro-2011" and the 9-th specialized exhibition "ElectroTechnoExpo-2011."

  • Severnoe Zodchestvo

    08 august  2010

    Flash presentations of architectural projects of the "Severnoye Zodchestvo" company to promote their website.

Interactive 3D presentations. Flash-presentations.

Interactive 3D presentation is a innovation, which expects a great future on the 3D animation market. Be one step ahead of your competitors and start using 3D flash technology earlier than the others and your clients will definitely pay attention to your product! An interactive 3D presentation enables you to walk through the space, see an exterior or an interior of any object, to create a separate object or present it by “taking it out” of the environment, focusing on some details. We will surely find a best option for qualitative and effective presentation of your product!

Subject visualization. 3d object visualization.

3d object visualization is the creation of illustrations high resolution for presentations or advertising the shown object.

Object rendering may be: furniture, lamps, jewelry, design details or mechanism, mobile phones, watches and more.

Today a creation of sites is the most effective method for any business development, increase in sales of services and goods as well as for attraction of a wider targeted audience. Thanks to our gained experience and individual approach to every project, our studio creates manageable sites taking into account all wishes and tasks of customers.

  • Flashback

    10 july  2015
    The inHouse project "Flashback".
  • Space

    08 june  2015
    The inHouse project "Space".
  • Animation reel "Dummy"

    19 september  2012

    Inhaus animation reel "Dummy."

    This project was created as a test of plugin "grow ivy" in 3D animation.

  • RE:2 letters

    20 january  2012

    A new vision of the familiar logo.

  • Spheres

    03 august  2011

    A small inhouse project, dedicated to the movement and behavior of the particles with the connection to the physics.

  • Demoreel 2010

    06 october  2010

    This video shows printing the name of computer graphics studio "RangEmotions" - "Range of Emotions".

  • Hybrid house

    07 march  2010

    The architectural project "Hybrid House" was created by an architect of the "RangEmotions" studio who participated in the architectural competition and was in the top ten projects in 2009.


    Architect: Prozorovskii D. A.

  • Car crash

    06 march  2010

    An inhaus project of 3D animation of a car.

  • The Autumn

    05 january  2010

    An inhouse 3D animation project of an office building "Skyscraper."

  • Skyscraper

    10 march  2009

    An inhouse 3D animation project of an office building "Skyscraper."

Internal developments of the studio, showing implementations of new technologies into creation processes of videos and 3D presentations. All interesting 3D aspects: Promo, Demo, mini swivels, connected with 3D and compositing as well as the making of and  lessons for creation of  shaders.


About us:

The RangEmotions studio was founded in Moscow in 2007. Our studio creates  animation of full-motion videos by using the state-of-art technologies in the film industry and  advertising.We solve creatively all set goals. We can assist and implement any plan into a reality and can make it emotionally, brightly, inventive and modernly. The experience and skills of the talented professionals can guarantee a high quality work and accuracy of deadlines.