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Severnoe Zodchestvo

"Northern Architecture" is engaged in the development and realization of high quality unique cottages. The company has an extensive experience both in the domestic and overseas market. Improving their own standards for various industrial, design and construction stages justifies the high quality of architectural design and skillful pricing.

Aim of the project: creation of flash presentations of architectural projects of the "Severnoye Zodchestvo" company to promote their website.

Technological process:

While developing this project our 3D studio chose an unusual approach to realization. Flash technology as a way to present 3D visualization suites well for interactive presentation of cottages developed by "Severnoye Zodchestvo." 3D technology provides a special flexibility and mobility in the choice of services of the producer. This technology allows user to look carefully at all the elements and details of a 3D object: floor plans and cross sections, processing units and frame of the building, zoning and interior design. You can also take a look at the appearance of the whole building ( as it can be rotated 360 degrees) to see how it will be located in a particular context. Demonstrative, interactive, flexible, affordable.Flash presentation of wooden housing.
"Other " approach to show buildings, for those who want to see "as it would be", but the animation turns too expensive.

Flash presentation is available here.