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Interactive presentation of Chevrolet Camaro

We continue showing you new opportunities of interactive presentation. In the post connected with the presentation of iPhone 5 was already mentioned that the new engine optimizes the work of the program. This fact allows us to use high-poly models, which have a great influence on the appearance and quality of displayed products.

In the description of this project, we would like to make an accent on the interface. So let's start: first, the use of 3D text allowed us to create the information part of the presentation more interesting. All informative sections are located at the bottom of the screen, but nothing prevents to place them on the object, and select by pointing to a particular part of the object with the mouse. As well our Camaro can change the body color, a trifle, but seems nice. Also there is a section with a gallery of photos and a panel with the navigation description.

The usage of present technology covers different fields of production - from large-scale architectural projects to tiny devices and mechanisms. If you want to show a new collection of furniture, the structure of your building or work of the engine, assortment of the store, or just a conceptual idea, this type of presentation will give your project the optimal information value and visibility, add interactivity and flexibility in product presentation to the audience.

This is not a last innovation, we'd like to share with you. In our further projects we will introduce you the new interface features that will make the presentation seem more than just a displaying of the object.

Presentation runs on operating systems iOS and Windows 8. For mobile devices we developed special applications.

To watch the presentation in full screen mode, click here.

*Only for: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera

The project is noncommercial, all rights reserved to copyright holders, all information was taken from public sources.