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Hybrid house

The architectural project "Hybrid House" was created by an architect of the "RangEmotions" studio who participated in the architectural competition and was in the top ten projects in 2009. Architect: Prozorovskii D. A.

The main advantage of the building is rich insulation of the inside areas, achieved by using  large number of glass elements and smart placement of living spaces and the location of the simple but not primitive volumes. All the rooms, except the cellar, have a direct access of the sunlight, which is so necessary in our time. There is also a pressing issue of energy supply of the building, which is solved by the use of advanced innovative technologies in the environmental energy sector.

All the factors listed above will satisfy the needs of high-class man who knows what he wants from life and how to do it.

A high-level made exterior architectural visualization helped to present the whole essence of this project. Not all people can easily read the work, or even architectural drawings, and 3d objects’ visualization (visualization of three-dimensional) or the entire architectural structure will help your customers to look through all the advantages and huge benefits of the project.