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“Mozaica” shopping complex

Architectural visualization of “Mozaica” shopping complex, created by RangEmotions.

With this video we would like to present you the “Mozaica” shopping complex, which construction is currently going on in Moscow. It is located practically in the city center on the crossroad of the 3d ring road,  Velozavodskaya and Yuzhnoportovaya streets and can be easily reached from three subway stations : Dubrovka, Autozavodskaya and Kozhukhovskaya. Another territorial advantage: there are no similar shopping complexes in this city area. 

The effective architectural concept and the internal structure of the shopping complex as well as main tenants are perfectly demonstrated in this video.  The complex will accommodate a hypermarket, a supermarket of household appliances and electronics, a sports retail store and a multiplex.Furthermore, about 200 fashionable clothes stores are gathered under the “Mozaica” shopping complex and it can be considered a unique platform for new international retails in Russia.

A four-storeyed building of Mozaica foresees an undergroung parking for 2500 cars.

We created this video only in 3 weeks. The opening of the “Mozaica” shopping complex is scheduled on the third quarter of 2014.


OST development

BANK globex  

Reneissanse construction

Knight frank

Chapman taylor

Project site: http://mozaica.ru/


* The music of this video, created for its demonstration on the internet (by Rangemotions studio and to be used only by Rangemotions studio), is not profit and not for commercial use.