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Titanic Coagulant

The RangEmotions Company on demand SITTEC created a video of innovation of the Russian scientists who created the titanic coagulant which is a highly-efficient reagent for cleaning waste and drinking water. The video was made in limited time which traditional for our company – in three weeks.

In our video you can learn the whole cycle of production of the titanic coagulant from the very beginning to the output of the final product. The technology of the titanic coagulant using at water cleaning stations is also done in details.

Carefully made shots, successful foreshortenings, right presentation makes it possible to understand the whole process of production in details.

So, thanks to our video the advantages of the Russian innovation product are demonstrated and that allows making water cleaning at new high quality and applying this technology all over the world, especially at the places where there is acute shortage of water.

SITTEC (Moscow, Russia) is a part of IFD Kapital Group that is one of the largest diversified holdings in Russia.